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Loose names such as Acai and Goji berries are thrown labelled under “superfoods” and “must-haves for a healthy diet”, but how many people actually know what these are? We get given these fancy, uncommon foods that are apparently going to change our worlds – warning: that may be an exaggeration. However, here is Style Council’s list of ‘Superfoods’ that you will have definitely heard of…



Rich in iron, calcium, Vitamin E, protein and many other useful nutrients – almonds are our pick of the nuts. Reducing risk of heart attacks, nourishing the nervous system, cancer preventing qualities and help provide good brain functioning – these little bundles of nutrition are truly a wonderful and inexpensive superfood. Try adding a handful of these tasty nuts with breakfast and snacks, to help kick start a healthier you.



Most fruits are mainly consisting of carbohydrate, whereas the unique avocado is high in healthy fats. They contain more potassium than a banana, an understated nutrient which main roles include; maintaining fluid balance and keep your brain, nerves, heart and muscles running efficiently. Proven that they can lower cholesterol, high in fibre and loaded with eye-protecting anti-oxidants – this super fruit should be part of a daily diet.



If you’re eating eggs for breakfast already, you can be sure that you’re starting your day with a superfood. They’re high in protein and vitamins, as well as the lesser known nutrient, choline. If you haven’t heard of choline, you’re not alone – nonetheless it is an incredibly important nutrient. It is used to build cell membranes and helps produce signalling molecules in the brain.



 Greens play an important role in a healthy diet and this tasty cruciferous vegetable is no exception. High in fibre, Broccoli is a good carb which aids with the digestive system and prevents constipation. Not only does it promote a healthy heart, reduces cholesterol and a concentrated source of Vitamin C, a cup of broccoli contains as much protein as the same amount of rice with half as many calories.

Greek yoghurt


A first-rate source of calcium, proteins and probiotics, yogurt is a fantastic dairy product. Calcium is an important nutrient which is great for the bones. It is also laden with iodine, which is important for an efficient thyroid which in turn maintains a healthy metabolism. The promotion of an increased metabolism helps with weight loss and keeps your waist in check.