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AllSaints have released new Spring arrivals with a focus on conserved patterns and lots of grey.

The upper high street brand is renowned for their cutting edge men’s fashion and trend setting capabilities. The new arrivals have avoided garish designs and opted for a more conserved approach, yet still remaining chic. There is a promising variety of clothing, however prices are on the hefty side and aren’t ideal for those on a tight budget – nonetheless, you get what you pay for and AllSaints always produce quality.


Bomber and Biker jackets feature greatly throughout the collection, with mixes of asymmetric zips and camo patterns – crafted from traditional MA1 designs. The Cale Bomber is a highlight, which would layer perfectly over lightweight sweaters.

The outerwear focuses mainly on shorter lengths for the emergence of Spring and departure of the bleak cold of winter.

However, feature piece the knee length gunner coat will provide stylish coverage during Spring showers. It fuses the military bomber and the traditional mac to bring a fresh style showing why AllSaints are the high street trendsetters. It brings together a cotton body with nylon bomber sleeves detailed with a zip pocket detail.


AllSaints knitwear range is always remarkable; slim fitting jumpers with wider than normal crew necks, narrow vertical ribs and made from quality wool – you will struggle to find a better standard of wool jumper. There are no brash designs, or defaced with logos – a standout piece, brilliant for layering.


Prominently checked, AllSaints have again released a range of modish shirts. Dark indigo denim creates a cool silhouette effect and layers well over lighter greys, or stylish on its own.

The vintage Pyle short sleeve khaki in beige is militarily styled with Hawaiian collar. The artful stitchery and detail, alongside double breasted pockets make this item a key feature amongst their range of shirts. Tie in with skinny black jeans to create an authentic style.

Favourite Pieces

Camo Cale Jacket £258
Camo Cale Jacket £258
gunner coat
Mac body/Bomber Sleeves Gunner Coat £258
pyle shirt
Short Sleeve Khaki Pyle Shirt £88


Style score: 4/5
Affordability score: 2/5



A list of essential items that the Style Council has adjourned that every stylish male should have in his wardrobe, without breaking the bank – or a student loan.

  1. White Button Down Shirt

    Nothing strikes sophistication like a good quality white button down shirt and there is very little that it doesn’t go with. Be the height of refinement with a well-fitted suit, or casual weekend look under a crew neck jumper – it will make an impression with your girlfriend’s mother

    White Oxford Shirt £20 Next
    White Oxford Shirt £20 Next

    Style Council tip: Don’t wear white shirt and tie without a jacket – you’ll look like you’re a waiter at TGI Friday’s.

  2. Pale Blue ShirtEnhance your work wear attire with a pale blue shirt, add navy with it to polish off a classy look.

    Pale Blue Oxford Shirt £25 River Island
    Pale Blue Oxford Shirt £25 River Island
  3. Navy Crew Neck Jumper

    Another versatile piece, a navy cotton mix crew neck should appear in any trendy guy’s closet. Acting as a layer in winter and is a fashionable feature in the summer.

    Navy Crew Neck Jumper £27.99 Asos
    Blend Navy Crew Neck Jumper £27.99 Asos
  4. Denim Jacket

    The denim jacket should not be so feared. Worn with a simple white tee, over an open hoody and jeans of a different tone, you can attain cool casual.

    Denim Jacket with Borg Collar £50 ASOS
    Denim Jacket with Borg Collar £50 ASOS

    Style Council tip: It’s worth scouring for vintage denim jackets to give an authentic chic 60s/70s look; Levi’s is the king of the realm here.

  5. Black L­eather Biker Jacket

    Slim-fitted biker jackets give that bad boy impression that girls dig. Wear over a white tee, jeans for effortless hit-the-bars cool. Combine with slicked back hair and black Chelsea boots for an iconic appearance.

    Black leather-look jacket £75 River Island
    Black leather-look jacket £75 River Island

    Style Council tip: Splurge out that bit more and go for real leather. It lasts longer and looks more authentic.

  6. Black Chelsea Boots

    There’s a divide over what kind of Chelsea boots you should buy. Yes, brown suedes are really cool, but as someone who succumbed to Beatlesmania from an early age, it has to be black. The lace-less, understated and timeless Chelsea boot is a timeless feature that every man should own, creating smarter, chic looks.

    Black Leather Look Chelsea Boots £30 Burton
    Black Leather Look Chelsea Boots £30 Burton
  7. Brown Monk Straps

    It was a toss-up between these and brogues. There is definitely a place in a man’s wardrobe for brogues, but Monk Straps are brogues that went to school and got a first class degree.

    Tan Bullet Monk Straps £64.99 Office
    Tan Bullet Monk Straps £64.99 Office
  8. SneakersA done-in pair of white sneakers are a simple item for casual weekends. Converse is the real winner here.

    White Converse All Star Trainers £45 Schuh
    White Converse All Star Trainers £45 Schuh
  9. Statement Belt

    Choosing a belt to tie-in with your outfit is similar to picking out a tie. A statement belt is a key feature rather than just an accessory, one which you have to go all out to stand out. Bold patterns or block colours can really help you peacock.

    Teal Woven Belt £12 River Island
    Teal Woven Belt £12 River Island
  10. Black Slim TrousersIf you don’t already own a pair of black trousers, then you need to be asking yourself this question –why the hell not? Now, drop everything you’re doing and go and get a pair. Dress trousers are not extravagant, but ooze class. Wear with a shirt, blazer or crew neck jumper and smart shoes.

    Slim fit black trousers £20 Next
    Slim fit black trousers £20 Next
  11. Black Dress ShoesA pair of black lace up shoes are made to be worn on formal suit occasions.
    Black Italia Apron Lace-Ups £75 Next
    Black Italia Apron Lace-Ups £75 Next

    Style Council tip: Buy an elegantly shaped pair and keep them tucked away for special occasions. They can easily be worn with a tux.

  12. Slim Indigo JeansI can’t emphasize how much of a must-have that a good pair of slim indigo jeans are, they go with pretty much everything casual. Should be slim, but not overly tight – no one wants more than what they need to of your crotch.

    Levi's Indigo 522 Slim Tapered Jeans £65 Topman
    Levi’s Indigo 522 Slim Tapered Jeans £65 Topman
  13. Light Blue JeansSimilarly like indigo jeans they are another casual essential.
    Light Wash Denim Skinny Jeans £28 River Island
    Light Wash Denim Skinny Jeans £28 River Island

    Style Council tip: Wear with tan monk straps/brogues to stand out. A white tee and a pair of shades for a summer look dripping with cool.

  14. A White T Shirt
    It just goes with everything. A good white cotton tee is seasonal and looks good on its own in the summer or any jacket – be it bombers, leathers or denim. It can also be used to tone down blazers.

    Plain white slim fit T-shirt £7 Topman
    Plain white slim fit T-shirt £7 Topman
  15. Trench Coat

    Classic beige or Dylan-esque black, trench coats are perfect for spring. Over a suit or t-shirt and jeans, this will protect you from rainy showers while looking très chic.

    Beige belted Trench Coat £70 ASOS
    Beige belted Trench Coat £70 ASOS

Style Icon: The Free Wheelin’ Bob Dylan

Folk-purists screamed “Judas” as a new-age Bob Dylan plugged in an electric guitar, to which he yelled back “you’re a liar”.

672225d Bob DylanDitching the folky work-wear look, deciding Cuban heeled boots, slim fitting trousers and buttoned up shirts were more his thing – oh, and of course those dark sunglasses, in 1965 Bob Dylan arguably became the coolest man in the world. Dylan reinvented himself every decade over his 50-year spanning career. As his music changed, so did his image; but it is the mid-60s Dylan that sparked most controversy, yet most iconic. His askew, beatnik style overruled the rugged look of workman boots and baggy jeans. Rock’n’roll sensibility had kicked in as his fame grew, opting for flamboyant silk shirts and pointy-toed Chelsea boots – as made famous by The Beatles. There was a long period where no person saw the blue of his eyes; night and day they were covered by trademark black wayfarers, an appearance almost as enigmatic as his profound lyrics.


Unruly hair

During the blossoming of Dylan’s musical career, an unruly, snarled mop of hair burgeoned. During this time Bob seemed indifferent about his hairstyle, however this tangled-up afro completed his ico nic look. If you have curly hair, grow it out to a medium length. The ‘poofy’, tangled style will come with back-combing and scrunching, while using a paste or wax to make it tangled – you want it to look like an effortlessly, cool “I’ve just got out of bed” look.   dylan3 Jackets

The right jacket or coat can do wonders, simple yet distinguished.  A black/navy blazer or trench coat adds impeccable class to any outfit. Dylan wore blazers open, straying more towards rock rather than corporate – opt for collarless for the full Bob-effect. Trench coats should be worn with a few buttons open to reveal a shirt collar, come just above the knee and the belt tied at the front – preferably double breasted. Blazer Shirts

You can never go wrong with a smart white oxford shirt, a classic look under a blazer or trench coat. If you want to stand out, wear loud shirts. Dylan is the first person I’ve seen that can pull off a polka dot shirt, with a devil may care appearance – and he pulls it off incredibly. Pinstripe may scream Dad shirt, but under a waistcoat and worn with slim trousers you will encounter chic Dylan. ad_127762365 Blk-StripeF_1024x1024_1024x1024 The shades

Wayfarers must be dark, be as mystifying as Dylan’s lyrics. Try for vintage 60s/70s styles for full effect.